Product Solutions

Tamlyn Xtream Trim

Poly-Tuff Pedestrian & Traffic Coatings

Poly-Tuff provides vehicular and pedestrian traffic coatings. The systems install easily, usually within 24 hours and are low VOC. The finish is crack-free and requires no crack-chasing. Among the key benefits of Poly-Tuff systems are:

  • No cracks, seams or visible joints
  • Low VOC and low odor
  • Typically a single day installation
  • Self leveling with the ability to build a slope to drain
  • Fast curing elastomeric that can be applied down to 20 degrees F.
Tamlyn Extreme
TamlynWrap Drainable Housewrap

BushMan Construction Accessories

BrushMan offers a vast selection of roofing, siding and construction accessories such as shovels, brooms, tools and over 1000 other items. BushMan prides itself for offering high-quality products and excellent customer service.  Other reasons to buy form BrushMan:

  • Easy to order: Phone, Email, Fax, Online
  • Added 5% discount on orders over $1,000
  • Prepaid freight on orders over $750
  • Most orders ship out same day (if placed before 2:00 CST)
  • Preferred status and added discounts with select distributors
Berridge Roofs of Distinction

Berridge Metal Roofing & Cladding

Berridge offers 17 different roof systems; many of which meet the most stringent ASTM testing standards, and meed Miami DADE. Factory-set on site roll-formers allow seamless lengths at a lower cost. Berridge also offers a vast array of cladding profiles, including metal fascia and soffit. Key reasons to select Berridge:

  • 20-year finish warranty and NDL watertight warranties available.
  • On-site forming allows for less waste, faster production, reduces cost and eliminates freight damage.
  • One of the widest selection of factory formed products available.
  • 13 nationwide branches to support you with technical support, shop drawings and engineering support.
  • Curved, tapered and compound curved panes available.
Berridge Manufacturing Company
Berridge Roofs of Distinction

IPS Roofing Products

IPS Roofing Products, a division of IPS Corporation, is an industry leader in residential and commercial roofing products. Beginning with vent pipe flashings, IPS Roofing Products has a superior reputation among roofing distributors and contractors for high quality product, committed service and industry expertise.  Among the key benefits of IPS products are:

  • Versatility, with 4n1 pipe flashings and 3n1 stem-vents that reduce the need to carry multiple sizes.
  • Life of the roof warranty on all IPS products for better roof system protection.
  • Excellent customer service.
Berridge Manufacturing Company

System Components Synthetic Roof Underlayments

System Components has been manufacturing synthetic roof underlayment for over 20 years, making it one of the longest standing manufacturers in this category. System Components offers higher-end UDL that grips the deck and is non-slip.  It also seals around the fastener to resist any leaking.  The full-line of System Components offer a full line of benefits to the installer and building owner:

  • Cap fasteners not required. Installs with only 3 rows of roofing nails (Top, Bottom, Center)
  • High grip on the deck-side, walkable on top
  • Strong non-woven technology
  • Light grey in color that is cooler to install
  • Custom color printing is available on a one pallet minimum.
System Components

National Shelter Products Building Envelope Wrap Systems

National Shelter Products offer building wrap systems that are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. NSP offers a vast array of WRB systems, among which offer some of the following features:

  • Up to 180 day UV and weather exposure
  • Breathable from 10 perms to 60 perms
  • Strong! Nearly twice the tear & tinsel strength of leading competitors
  • Structural sheathing that also acts as a WRB is also available
  • Custom color printing available on a single pallet minimum quantity
National Shelter Products

Boss Products Pro Sealants & Foam Products

Boss Products is a leading manufacturer of commercial sealant and foam products.  Boss is made to perform at the highest level, with the professional contractor in mind. Among the core products:

  • 525 Polyurethane Sealant – Metal tube, many colors, paintable, applies to moist surfaces without bubbling, 1-year shelf life.
  • 125 Hybrid Sealant – Plastic tube, many colors, paintable, bonds in wet conditions, broad application temperatures (-35 – 140 deg.).
  • 400 Colors Sealant – 400+ of colors available, 50% movement, will not shrink, 4″ nozzle, bonds to many surfaces, including Kynar.
  • Plus many other products including expanding foam, fire-stop, subfloor adhesive, silicones and more!

Pro-Flash Building Envelope Flashing Solutions

90 percent of water intrusion issues occur at penetrations, terminations and transitions. Pro-Flash adds a critical layer of protection at these areas of the building envelope.  Pro-Flash flashings are easy to install and a thinner gauge so not to distort the cladding layout.

Fluid Applied Roofing

Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights & Smoke Hatches

Sunoptics is the originator and innovator of the prismatic skylight and remains the leader in prismatic skylights and smoke vents. Sunoptics uses a proprietary blend of high-impact, UV resistant polycarbonate prismatic materials.  The prismatic lens diffuses the light allowing for better distribution of light with out any “hot-spots”.


Global Decking Systems PVC Membrane Decking

Global Decking Systems makes Dec-K-ing PVC membrane decking systems. The system includes a durable and attractive 60 mil PVC membrane that is easily weldable together and ties with the accessory elements (corners, flashing, drains & transition pieces).  The system is water-tight and ideal for wet, coastal environments.

Global Decking Systems Resources:

Boss Products

American Standard Coatings

American Standard Coatings manufactures both acrylic and silicone roof coating systems that can be warranted for up to 50-years. NDL warranties are also available and there is no additional cost. ASC partners with each stakeholder in the project delivery process, offering the highest levels of training and support.


GMC Saturated Felt & Craft Paper

GMC offers saturated felt for the roof and craft paper for the wall. Both offer an affordable and reliable form of protection under any roofing or siding product.

AIA accredited CEU courses

  • Freedom of Design: How to Integrate Metal Walls & Rain-screens into Your Project

Program Overview: In this presentation, we explore the benefits of metal walls and rain-screens. We discuss various building materials and how they can affect the cost, longevity, and flexibility of design. Finally, we review best practices when designing metal walls and rain-screen systems.

Product Knowledge Seminars & Events:

We are available to provide product knowledge, installation training and even business development training. We are also available for contractor barbecues, grand openings or any worthwhile event.