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Tamlyn Xtream Trim

Poly-Tuff Pedestrian & Traffic Coatings

Poly-Tuff provides vehicular and pedestrian traffic coatings. The systems install easily, usually within 24 hours and are low VOC. The finish is crack-free and requires no crack-chasing. Among the key benefits of Poly-Tuff systems are:

  • No cracks, seams or visible joints
  • Low VOC and low odor
  • Typically a single day installation
  • Self leveling with the ability to build a slope to drain
  • Fast curing elastomeric that can be applied down to 20 degrees F.

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Tamlyn Extreme

Poly-Tuff Resources:

TamlynWrap Drainable Housewrap

BushMan Construction Accessories

BrushMan offers a vast selection of roofing, siding and construction accessories such as shovels, brooms, tools and over 1000 other items. BushMan prides itself for offering high-quality products and excellent customer service.  Other reasons to buy form BrushMan:

  • Easy to order: Phone, Email, Fax, Online
  • Added 5% discount on orders over $1,000
  • Prepaid freight on orders over $750
  • Most orders ship out same day (if placed before 2:00 CST)
  • Preferred status and added discounts with select distributors

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Berridge Roofs of Distinction

Berridge Metal Roofing & Cladding

Berridge offers 17 different roof systems; many of which meet the most stringent ASTM testing standards, and meed Miami DADE. Factory-set on site roll-formers allow seamless lengths at a lower cost. Berridge also offers a vast array of cladding profiles, including metal fascia and soffit. Key reasons to select Berridge:

  • 20-year finish warranty and NDL watertight warranties available.
  • On-site forming allows for less waste, faster production, reduces cost and eliminates freight damage.
  • One of the widest selection of factory formed products available.
  • 13 nationwide branches to support you with technical support, shop drawings and engineering support.
  • Curved, tapered and compound curved panes available.

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Berridge Manufacturing Company
Berridge Roofs of Distinction

IPS Roofing Products

IPS Roofing Products, a division of IPS Corporation, is an industry leader in residential and commercial roofing products. Beginning with vent pipe flashings, IPS Roofing Products has a superior reputation among roofing distributors and contractors for high quality product, committed service and industry expertise.  Among the key benefits of IPS products are:

  • Versatility, with 4n1 pipe flashings and 3n1 stem-vents that reduce the need to carry multiple sizes.
  • Life of the roof warranty on all IPS products for better roof system protection.
  • Excellent customer service.

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Berridge Manufacturing Company

IPS Resources

Polyguard waterproofing systems

Polyguard offers a myriad of waterproofing systems for below-grade and patio applications.  Each Polyguard system is backed by rigorous testing and approvals, available warranty protection, unmatched technical support and over 60 years of proven performance. For more information, go to

Wickizer & Associates Line Card

AIA accredited CEU courses

Program Overview: With moisture being a leading cause of construction call backs this course is designed to give a better understanding of details that hinder and wall assemblies designed for greater moisture management performance.

  • Freedom of Design: How to Integrate Metal Walls & Rain-screens into Your Project

Program Overview: In this presentation, we explore the benefits of metal walls and rain-screens. We discuss various building materials and how they can affect the cost, longevity, and flexibility of design. Finally, we review best practices when designing metal walls and rain-screen systems.

  • The Integrated Building Envelope, Building Envelope System: Physics – DMI

Program Overview: This course provides an overview of the Integrated Building Envelope achieved through the understanding of Design, Material, and Installation in order to create Continuity in both the process and the building. Primary focus in understanding the material aspect will be the Physics of composite waterproofing systems.

Product Knowledge Seminars & Events:

We are available to provide product knowledge, installation training and even business development training. We are also available for contractor barbecues, grand openings or any worthwhile event.