The AI wave is about to hit the Construction Industry. Are you going to ride the wave or get wiped out?

Construction is an ancient trade dating back to times before the pyramids and has remained unchanged for centuries, yet a wave of change is approaching. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to transform many industries, and the construction industry is no exception.

AI is being used in construction to help with the design and engineering of buildings. 3-D modeling is also being used. Construction companies are beginning to use AI for more efficient scheduling, project management, and improving safety and security on the job site. AI is even being used with automated machinery to assist the building process.

How do we ride this AI wave successfully? There are 3 general strategies to start:

1. Educate yourself and your team on AI
Don’t be intimidated by this new technology. It’s coming and potentially a more significant wave than the internet. Learn about AI and practice using it in ways that won’t be disruptive at first. Learn from others in the industry that are using AI.

2. Work with an AI vendor that understands the construction industry.
Try to solicit referrals from other users of AI and ask the AI vendor for their references and case studies.

3. Before fully implementing AI into your business, make sure it is used in alignment with your business practices and shows a potentially strong return on investment. Test the AI processes thoroughly before going live with it.

AI is coming, and the wave cannot be deterred. The best strategy for building industry professionals is to understand AI, practice utilizing it, and employ it only when confident it will generate the intended results.

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