Tamlyn Wrap – higher performing solution…

Do you specify rainscreen systems or drainable WRB’s. Please allow me to introduce you to an alternative that may prove to be a higher performing solution.

Tamlyn Wrap is a breathable WRB that has the highest draining & drying coefficient in the industry. It actually drains & dries equal to a 3/8” rain screen system!  With most fiber cement manufacturers allowing drainable WRBs in place of a rainscreen system in many cases, substantial savings can be attained without sacrificing performance.

A few highlights:

  • Tamlyn Wrap is easy to install and is multi-directional, which cuts down waste.
  • Tamlyn Wrap offers an entire system of flashing, tapes & sealant, which if used is backed by a 25-year labor & material warranty.
  • Tamlyn Wrap is one of the highest performing WRBs in the market, with 97% draining efficiency and a design that equalizes hydrostatic pressure, achieved by a 1.5 mm rigid spacer.
  • Tamlyn Wrap is made up of a non-woven polypropylene material and is highly breathable, with a high perm rating of 19 perms.

There are several informational pdfs. For more information, go to: Tamlynwrap.com

If you would like to discuss Tamlyn Wrap in greater detail or would like to set up a Lunch & Learn on Water Management, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you would like a sample of Tamlyn Wrap, E-mail me at Admin@Wickizer-Associates.com

Tamlyn Water Management Systems Warrantee Informaion
ProSeal Technical Data Sheet, TWD Technical Data,
Tamlyn Proseal Spec Sheet, XtremeFlashing Asphalt WS Technical Data Sheet
TamlynWrap 1.5 Installation Guide, Construction Specifier